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Bootleg Newgrounds Bootleg Newgrounds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Delightfully cheap.
You know when you're looking at stuff in a chinese market and among those you find a "Polystation"?
This is the realization of playing THAT Polystation. A console loaded with AA batteries, bunch of mini-games and copypasted 8-bit music. But oh my, it's like a Mini-Newgrounds, it's actually kinda charming to go through. Also the soundtrack is very noice. It's small but inventive, with the exception of some interactions such as rating something with stars or anything, but kudos for this nicely-bowed little treat.

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Video Game: The Game Video Game: The Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's like Skyrim with guns

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i saw her across th world i saw her across th world

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just when i thought this game couldn't get any better, THEY ADDED PANCAKE RAIN!!!!!!!

Gotta Love the Simplicity of these games, they are so simple yet challenging and charming. Music is really calm and totally fitting in such a charming way, what i like is that you manage to put zombies into a calm ambient and make it funny without a lot of gore or violence, thats clever!

It also has cool twist as a small action game, as a Zombie you can Bite regular Humans (and they can have a gun and shoot you on sight), you hop over enemies to destroy them, its so simple, yet you can't deny it is entertaining. Also it has some puzzley things ahead and some secrets that offer a bit more time on it and it's quite worth it. I also loved the way that you put this as an Open World game, that adds a lot of adventure and variety with such cool extras. Also the Cheats as always are rad, and the dancing room is just... Awesome. :D

Also at the Beginning you have a cool customizable system where you can pick colors, gender and name things by your own. I seriously don't get all the hate and mean comments on that, stop being such a drama queens... there's nothing bad with same-gender zombie relationships. Even one about the pronouns... However i did really enjoy the heck out of this game, it is sweet, funny, addictive, and charming in such a calm way as the other games, check it out.

Also, Did i mention i love pancakes? i wouldn't mind being a zombie then.

10 out of 10 (5 Stars! on Newgrounds Rating)

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Scope: First Clock Scope: First Clock

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Not big of a change here... i'm still expecting another sniper game though.
Clock's are actually easier to shoot off but this should be kind of one of these silly cheats from the full game, it feels kinda pointless, all you do is replace all heads with clocks (even the dick in the camping mission being a clock LOL) but still it feels kind of lazy, either waste some time on this to pull up a highscore or play this instead of the original if you feel shooting in First Blood was hard, it is easier here. Otherwise, it is well done but not gonna give stars of this since doesn't improve or fail on the game, i'd call this a silly joke game. This review has no stars but i DON'T hate it since is the same of the original. So my actual score goes on the original one.

Killego Killego

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sweet Concept, even though the excecution kinda slows down the experience...

I love stop-motion and lego videos, this game does some justice to it. It has a really good concept of a flash FPS game being stop-motion, even though it is kinda slowly executed, it has neat death animations and some dry humor being thrown at it that if they don't make you laugh at least might put a smile on you.

On the gameplay side, the presentation looks kinda simple, the bullets, the health, the crosshair, like drawn on paint.

There are some issues i had with the game though, it is really easy, it tells you what to do instead of figuring out by yourself, there are some parts where i was bored out shooting everything whenever an enemy is standing still and seems that the only death you can achieve is by shooting either his head or anything on the setting.

I tried also dying to see what happened and it is bugged, whenever you want to start again it repeats you to the same page.

The gunshot sound seemed repetitive (and sorta annoying to me...) really fast.

The Bosses are piece of cake to defeat since the game tells you what to do with pauses and everything, and also the health/ammo upgrades seem to make the game impossible to loose at any first try.

I liked all the stop motion animation even if it lacked on some things and maked the game feel linear with limited animations and a short length.

It is still a small good time waster. 7/10 (3.5 stars in newgrounds rating)

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Standoff Standoff

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice mini-game, even though it would rely better as a... phone game?

It has a decent mafia style, nice pixely graphics and an effective fast paced harder-as-it-gets gameplay, for what it is, a small game proyect.

Replay value is for a time waster material, and so if you wanna beat any high-score and keep shooting out mobsters that get harder by more ammo and speed this is a good thing.

Even though, if you wanna do it with a reflex think-fast concept, then there should be a way to avoid getting shot being prone that doesn't count getting cover, because since the main way of shooting is standing, everyone is gonna want to exploit the shooting-while-being-prone to avoid getting shot and loose any lives, like standing up and avoid the bullet passing through your legs, but the game's system makes you get hit even by being standing, and so the shooting-while-being-prone mechanism wouldn't work.

Still, it is a good try, and even if you wanna waste some minutes on it or test any reflex, it is neat at what it does.

6 out of 10 (3 stars in Newgrounds Ratings)

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Mafia Stories 2 Mafia Stories 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Simple and short yet very effective, and a slight improvement to it's first one!

Mafia Stories 1 was kind of a point-and-click game with some varied mechanics and for its pixel graphics it had some effects that are visually colorful, this one doesn't change the visuals style either the charm the First one had also.

This is sort of a side scroller brawler style and doesn't feel like a very different turn that doesn't fit the style because you feel it in it's charm of the first one, while it has a linear scroller brawling style it also has some cool tricks like small segments that keep you thinking (which is a nice method of variety in puzzles), a very small stealth segment, not for a long while but manages to do so, and quick time events that are refreshing to do or fail them which lows your lives number most of the time.

It has cool animations, its cool he added a punch animation to the characters and some few details with the characters as well, for its pixelated look. It has good audio and soundtrack, keeps some of the mafia atmosfere with this matching good with its visuals.

In its downside, there is a forced mechanic where you repeat the game if your lives drop, the game feels a bit short showing each mechanic by another and another, the game is also kinda short on length, the money mechanism only works on only one segment other wise feels a bit useless, otherwisely, the game is entertaining and its a heck of a good time waster.

9 out of 10 (4.5 Stars in Newgrounds Rating)

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kokos0102 responds:

Thank you for your review!

Black Ops:Korean Conflict Black Ops:Korean Conflict

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Classic, yet not so fresh

I Remember playing this game when i was little, i used to ragequit a lot, now that i can see some of the mistakes of the game and review wisely right now, This is a classic indeed, yet not so fresh of a classic, Graphics are dated (duh) yet for what it is, it has a lot of pixelated background and some repetitive skins like the korean enemies, sound is okay for what it has to offer, even if the alert background sound loops itself and gets a bit annoying, the Gameplay is quite harsh, Heck, you can die in the tutorial, not only it is hard when you get busted and enemies shoot you everywhere in a non-stop way, but the stages themselves have no checkpoints, and since these stages are pretty long (like 5/6 loading screens counted each stage) and you loose all your ammo as much as it is kind of stressing to stealth, i can see why i stopped playing when i was little.

Sprinting is really slow, not much than walking but its still kind of annoying, specially when all you do is sprint through lonely sections, shooting is okay, your zoom action is pretty limited for a zoom and once enemies detect you (you can know it by the music) they sometimes run around and everyone else doesn't notice, but since these enemies shoot so fast everyone else notices and also runs to shoot with them >:(

Climbing into things is wierd, sometimes you hang well or you could get a fall that damages your health and forces you to find a health pack unless you die and restart the whole thing again, and the hanging meter is a nice detail but honestly you could skip it by jumping all over the area while holding on, so why NOT adding it in first place? Also, the c4s are usually useless (except for stage 2), there aren't gonna be enemies reagrouped in an area and the bombs take a lot to explode, and when they do, their damage ratio is small.

Also, the Stage 3's level has a maze with a lot of enemies that are impossible to kill unless you have a weaponry, and redirects you to the ground when you're trying to rise in the apartments to make you go all over again upstairs for anything you left there.

*sigh* well, i can't deny it is a time killer, not a memorable classic or anything 5 stars worthy but it is kinda good as a time killer, it has its flaws though, be careful around the difficulty.

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Mafia Stories Mafia Stories

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Short, Simple, but Refreshing
Mafia Stories is a pretty good example that you don't need graphics or visuals to do a good flash game (even though some of the effects look actually pretty good like the blood splatter) it is linear in its point and click style and even if it doesn't offer much variety with it, its actually refreshing some of its varied elements through it's mouse control, like fighting and shooting segments, that vary enough during each segment by changing mechanics (like shooting cars, taking cover while shooting) and you get satisfied by each piece of segment.

Has a good difficulty since the AI reacts faster than you, which ends up with you mashing the mouse button while aiming at the enemy and you have nice rewards if you do them without getting hurt, if you get to notice faster before the enemy strikes you.

It has nice a nice sound and music even if it is not memorable it goes as a good background noise.

For me, it scores an (8/10) as a Solid Time-Waster (4 Stars in Newground's Rating)
Sorry for mah english :)

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The Last Stand. The Last Stand.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sharp Start of the series and a nice shooter classic.

I remember i played this game quite a few times when i was young since it didn't had so much replay value, but from those few i remember i had fun.

The Second had improved quite much of what lacked here, since i didn't finded out a lot of glitches i wouldn't say it had errors.

Gameplay is quite linear with it's day-by-day survival premise, however it keeps you playing with more expectations of being rescued at the end.

Whenever a zombie horde goes at you its pretty intense since the barricade has a strength meter that whenever a zombie hits it you go crazy at how the number decreases and when it counts to 0, it breaks and they walk slowly at you, only to kill you at a single bite.

It also makes you decide when it comes to use daylight hours to search for survivors, guns or repair the barricade, which makes you think of how much would you use for each thing as a need.

Without the need of any physics the zombie kill animations seem pretty natural, even if the sound of blood is pretty much forshadowed as it sounds like a splash of a water. And the chainsaw, which sounds like it was extracted from a tv.

Guns are relatively effective (not counting much of the pistol...) since you have 2 guns slots and as you decide whether to search for weapons, you can feel which one can be effective at hordes or close-combat and you can actually feel which one can be effective by any situation
*Uzi is good at rate of fire, not much damage or accuracy
*Hunting rifle is good at damage and accuracy, not much as rate of fire
*Sawn off shotgun is really good at damage, not much at distance or accuracy or rate of fire
That's how you can relate the guns, and with 2 pick choices.

Of course, i wouldn't say it would have been longer, it has a well difficulty level as we encounter with more zombies, as well as zombies with armor, which seemed as a good concept to shoot them straight in the face, and i wouldn't say what it lacked because that would be too much to ask, specially for a flash game well done in 2007, yet it's secuel had a lot of content that this one didn't had, yet, by it's age and for what it is, it will always be remembered as a heck of a shooter that no one else but Con-Artists brought to us.

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